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National and local institutions enforcing land regulations


The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is mandated with ensuring “the sustainable management and utilisation of Ghana’s lands, forests, wildlife and mineral resources for socio-economic growth and development” by means of:
i. formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies and programmes of sector agencies;
ii. efficient and equitable land delivery;
iii. promotion of sustainable natural resource management and utilization;
iv. promotion of community participation in use of land.

The Ministry is currently implementing the Land Administration Project (LAP), initiated in 2003, with the aim of improving land administration in the country and improving security of tenure through systematic land titling, establishment of customary land secretariats and customary boundary demarcations (25).

The Regional Houses of Chiefs, under the 2008 Chieftaincy Act, are in charge of dispute resolution, including those relative to stool lands (19).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography