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Disposições de financiamento que dão garantias à mulher às transações de terras

- Agricultural land is freely transferable, according to the 1996 Law on Land Reform. The law laid the foundation of the land market. According to Article 19, privatizable municipal reserve lands and land plots owned by citizens and juridical persons can be the subject of purchase and sale contracts. Foreign juridical persons are explicitly excluded from land transactions (20).
No explicit non-discrimination clauses are stated.

- The 1999 Law on Land Markets No.665-IG states that legal entities and persons can participate in the land market as owners, users, mortgage lenders and borrowers, and as participants in purchase and sale transactions and other transactions like leasing. Foreigners, natural and legal persons are explicitly excluded from purchase of land (20).
No explicit non-discrimination clauses are stated.

- To address the problem of underdeveloped financial services, which have impeded rural development, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing support to increase bank and microfinance activities in rural areas and communities outside Baku. This assistance follows from the recent decree for the development of regions outside Baku, is listed as a specific measure for poverty alleviation and has been accorded high priority by the government (10).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography