Gender and Land Rights Database


Instituições de administração da terra e quotas de participação da mulher nelas.

- The State Land Cadastre and the State Land Registry regulates the organization and management of the land cadastre, monitoring of lands and land use organization within a unified land fund, in accordance with the 1998 Law on State Land Cadastre, Land Monitoring and Land Use Organization.

- The 1999 Land Code states that rights in land parcels must be registered in the State Land Cadastre and the State Land Registry. Unregistered rights are not protected by the state (15).

- The State Land and Mapping Committee is the government agency in charge of facilitating  the registration of transactions. Preparation, registration and presentation of documents about the right to a property, its use and rent are done through the regional land registration centres of the State Land and Mapping Committee (20).

- The State Register Service of Real Estate is responsible for registration of all real estate and land parcels, under the Cabinet of Ministers, as provided for by the 2004 Law on State Register of Real Estate.
This body governs the procedure for registration of ownership rights in immovable and other property rights, creation, limitation – encumbrance – and transfer of property rights (15).

The Cabinet of Ministers is responsible for managing state lands. These lands can be given for permanent use only to state bodies and organizations, including local self-government bodies, and to enterprises and companies which are financed from the state or municipal budget (15).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography