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Sri Lanka

Instituições nacionais e locais que executam as disposições sobre a terra

The Ministry of Lands and Development is responsible for the formulation and implementation of land policies and land development programmes. The Ministry is also responsible for: the management of land settlement; land acquisition; surveying; land use planning and alienation of land and development of settlement projects (23).

The following departments are part of the Ministry: Departments and Statutory Institutions; Department of Land Commissioner; Department of Land Settlement; Department of Surveyor General; Land Use Planning Division; Institute of Surveying and Mapping (23).

Within the Ministry of Lands and Development, the Land Commissioner General’s Department’s is responsible for formulating policies pertaining to land matters and implementing them. The department collaborates with several other units at administrative level in the implementation of land policies.

The Commissioner also collaborates with the Provincial Land Commissioner regarding administration of lands situated within the areas of authority of the provincial councils, in order to implement a common land policy throughout the country (24).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography