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Direitos consagrados na Constituição

  • The new Constitution, adopted by referendum on 16 March 2013 and approved by Parliament on 9 May 2013:

    - Section 2.3: All State and governmental institutions and agencies at every level must take all practical measures to ensure that women have access to land and other resources on the basis of equality with men.

    - Section 2.7: The State must ensure gender balance and a fair representation of marginalized groups on all constitutional and other governmental bodies. It must promote full participation of women in all spheres of Zimbabwean society on the basis of equality with men.

    - Section 4.6 recognises that women and men have the right to equal treatment, including the right to equal opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social spheres.

    - Section 4.15(5): men and women have the right to equal remuneration for similar work.

    - Section 4.28(3): All laws, customs, traditions and cultural practices that infringe the rights of women are void to the extent of the infringement.