Gender and Land Rights Database

The country profiles analyse the extent to which national legal frameworks and policies and programmes support the advancement of women or induce gender-differentiated access to land in 83 countries.

Regularly-updated country profiles

The GLRD's 84+ country profiles aim to offer quickly-accessible information about a country's political, social, legal and economic status in the country's official language.

What will you find?

Each country profile contains a "key facts" section and various menus and sub-menus that lead to detailed information for informing policies, reforms and legal frameworks and support research projects, in-depth reports and studies on a wide range of topics.

The quantity of information may vary from one profile to another, but in most cases, the data is broken down into these five main categories:

 Country information - Population data, Economic figures, Undernourishment, Literacy rate, Life expectancy, Share of women engaged in agricultural labour, and Land Tenure System

• The national legal framework - Rights entrenched in the Constitution, Women’s tenure rights in personal laws and labour laws, Inheritance, Land legislation, Policy measures and legal mechanisms promoting or preventing the realization of gender-equitable land tenure

 The status of ratification of international treaties and conventions

• Customary law and practices

• Civil Society Organisations supporting gender-equitable land tenure

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