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Organisations de la société civile et de populations autochtones qui soutiennent l’égalité des droits fonciers

- The main agricultural employers’ organizations are: i. Confagricoltura, General Confederation of Agriculture, which represents various types of farmers, such as independent farmers, leaseholders, family businesses or partnerships. Its members usually operate medium- to large-sized undertakings; ii. Coldiretti, National Farm Independent Farmers’ Confederation, which mainly represents medium- to small-scale undertakings; iii. CIA, the Italian Farmers’ Confederation.

About 40 percent of the members of the three organizations are female (31).

The main goals of these organizations are to develop and enhance female entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and in rural areas, to promote initiatives for legislative changes, to promote women’s role in rural areas and women's participation in union actions and to represent women in agriculture issues within all levels of democratic participation (33).

All of these organizations operate at the provincial, regional and national levels and are managed at all levels, including on the board, by an all-female staff who receive specific training. At the provincial level, the organizations are in direct contact with the women farmers and their specific concerns. At the regional level, they participate actively in regional policy and development plans making roundtables.

CIA instituted a specific association of women's entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, called Donne in Campo. http://www.donneincampo.it/donneincampo/

Donne Impresa is the organization of female agricultural workers within Coldiretti which directly supports the promotion of women in agriculture. http://www.donneimpresa.net/index.asp

Confagricoltura does not have a specific women’s unit but addresses rural women’s issues from within the main organization (33). http://www.confagricoltura.it/Pages/default.aspx

Organes locaux de prise de décision et représentation féminine


Informations juridiques et le renforcement des capacités en matière de droits fonciers

- Donne in Campo, Donne Impresa and Confagricoltura provide their members with training, technical assistance on accessing credit, legal information and counselling on opportunities available under Law No. 215 of 1992, the Female Entrepreneurship Law (33).

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