Base de données Genre et le Droit à la Terre


Organisations de la société civile et de populations autochtones qui soutiennent l’égalité des droits fonciers

The Viet Nam Women’s Union (VWU) is a quasi-governmental body functioning at the national, provincial, district and communal level throughout the country, with a membership rate taking up 62.8 percent of all women who are 18 years old and older in the country. The VWU plays a key role in the rural financial market, organizing and training women for income generation, saving and credit activities. According to Art 87 of the Constitution, the VWU is also entitled to propose and submit bills, promote laws and policies that protect rights and legitimate women’s interest (23).

Organes locaux de prise de décision et représentation féminine

- Agricultural cooperatives are collective organizations established or transformed under the Law for Cooperatives of 1996. Cooperatives’ activities focus mainly on providing services to the farming community and on facilitating market access. By October 2001, there were 7 171 agricultural cooperatives, of which 95.45 percent were agricultural cooperatives and 0.27 percent were forestry cooperatives (26).

- The Decree 79/2003/ND-CP of 2003 adopts regulations on how to exercise democracy at communal level offering people more chances to participate in the development plans at the grassroots level (12). However, very few women are involved in decision-making bodies at the local level (24).

Informations juridiques et le renforcement des capacités en matière de droits fonciers

- Legal information, training, and other support services in rural areas specifically aimed at raising women’s awareness of the land laws are provided by the Ministry of Justice and other government agencies, together with mass organizations, such as the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) and the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (23).

- In 2002, the Ministry of Justice and the Women’s Union conducted a cooperation programme on legal information and education and legal aid for women. At present, two legal aid centres for women are in operation: the Legal Aid Centre for women under the Department of Legal Aid, Ministry of Justice; and the Legal Counselling Office on gender equality under the Women’s Union. From 2000 to the end of 2002, of those who accessed legal assistance, women and ethnic minorities accounted for 42.9 and 23 percent respectively. However, the operation of these agencies is still mainly focused on urban areas (12).

- A survey of women’s legal awareness and understanding was conducted by the Viet Nam Women’s Union (VWU) with the support of the Asia Foundation, a private, non-governmental organization based in the U.S.A. Survey results were used to develop a training manual outlining legal provision for women’s rights and gender equality. The Asia Foundation also supports the dissemination of legal information through the VWU’s newspaper and through radio and television programmes (27).

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