Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Información legal y desarrollo de capacidades en el derecho a la tierra

- The Hokkaido Support Center for Prospective Farmers, established in 1995 by the prefectural government and municipalities in Hokkaido as well as other agriculture-related institutions and organizations, works as a support center for fostering and securing young farmers, including women, by providing various kinds of support service in coordination with Prospective Farmers Centers in other regions. The Prospective Farmers Center provides comprehensive support service to new farmers, including loans and educational training in technology acquisition and farm management.

- The Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation, based in Tokyo, was set up in 1963 with funds raised among agricultural cooperatives and also with the support of the government, as an institution dedicated to nurturing leaders for agricultural cooperatives and those involved in the cooperative development. The aims of the institute are to provide training and research services thereby promoting the socio-economic betterment, mainly in developing countries. However, Japanese female leader have also taken part to training projects for rural women.

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