Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Discrepancias/vacíos entre derecho escrito y derechos consuetudinarios

- Legislation is egalitarian regarding guarantees of property rights and protection of rights to land and other property acquired before and after marriage. However, gender asymmetry can be seen in unequal property ownership: men outstrip women by almost 90 percent in property ownership (19).

- Although the legal instrument of the Matrimony Contract could be used to protect women regarding the disposition of a house acquired prior to marriage, in practice, this is seldom done. The consequence is that in the case of divorce, a woman cannot claim division of the property or apartment if the marriage lasted less than 10 years and the property of her husband was acquired before marriage. The woman is only given a part of the apartment or a pecuniary indemnity and, in some cases, she may get nothing and be driven off by the law on private property (16).

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