Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Discrepancias/vacíos entre derecho escrito y derechos consuetudinarios

- Although the Shari’a-base succession law entitles women to inherit land, in practice, many women do not enjoy their inheritance rights. Not only Muslim but also Christian women are often denied their rightful claims to own part or the entirety of property such as cultivable lands and buildings, including family homes (4).

- While the Constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens, the personal status laws extend privileges to men in the family. Numerous laws directly violate the constitutional guarantees in the areas of marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody (18). More specifically, regardless of principles of equality and non-discrimination within the Constitution, Art. 274 of the Penal Code imposes harsher penalties for women committing adultery. Similarly, with regards to inheritance, female relatives and spouses receive half the shares of men in similar positions (20).

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