Base de données Genre et le Droit à la Terre


Pratiques de facto d’héritage/de succession

- Traditionally, the youngest son stays with the parents and they are more inclined to leave their property to him. Therefore, girls have a much slimmer chance of obtaining property through inheritance (18).
An International Labour Organization (ILO) study showed that merely 0.1 percent of men and 1.1 percent of women intended to will their property to their daughters, while 36.9 percent of men and 41.9 percent of women thought that property should be inherited by the youngest sibling, male or female, who stayed with the parental family (19)

- When a man dies, his authority passes not to his widow, but to his eldest son (19).

Sources:  Les nombres affichés entre parenthèse (*) font référence aux sources énumérées dans la Bibliographie.