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Sri Lanka

Финансирование и положения, гарантирующие женщинам сделки с землей

- The Women’s Bureau (WB), through the Revolving Funds for women’s societies, grants low-interest credit facilities to women who wish to commence micro enterprises (17). The Economic Empowerment Programmes of the WB provides rural women with credit facilities through the State Revolving Funds Scheme and State banks (17).

- Commercial banks make rural credit and saving schemes available to women who are in need of credit and financial security. The Bank of Ceylon in collaboration with the Women’s Bureau has launched a credit scheme called Isuru Naya, enabling women to borrow Rs. 5 000-10 000 for self employment (5).

- The Anti-poverty Lending scheme (APLE) offers credit to members of the Agromart Production Societies, mainly women with low or no income, to start-up income generation projects (26).

- Under the North East Irrigated Agriculture Project (NEIAP) of the World Bank, women have access to credit for starting micro enterprises, poultry keeping and grinding mills among other activities (21).

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