Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Instituciones de administración de la tierra y cuotas para la mujer

- Within the Ministry of Lands, land management functions are carried out at field level through the Commissioner at the division level, the Deputy Commissioner at the district level, the Assistant Commissioner at the Thana precinct level, and the Tahsildar at the Union level.

The Ministry consists of three departments with the following responsibilities:
 i. The Directorate of Land Records and Surveys that conducts cadastral surveys to update data on land ownership and use.
ii. The Land Reform Board that administers khas land.
iii. The Land Appeal Board, the highest revenue court in the country (19).

- The Land Reform Board administers khas land and manages abandoned and vested property, in addition to being responsible for the implementation of land reform. It also updates maps and land records between surveys, sets and collects Land Development Tax (19).

The Board carries out its functions through Upazila, sub-district land offices and Union Tahsil offices, which are the revenue office at the lowest level (19).

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