Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Instituciones de administración de la tierra y cuotas para la mujer

- Land registration involves two main entities.
The Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA):
- Is the main governmental organization responsible for the coverage of the entire territories in Egypt with topographic maps of several scales. ESA has also the responsibility of supporting the national cadastre and land registration scheme, in cooperation with the Real Estate Office in the Ministry of Justice.
The Real Estate Office in the Ministry of Justice:
- Is involved in the registration of properties under Personal or Real Folio Systems. The Personal Folio System is based on registering the documents of the property: sale contract, inheritance documents, etc. The Survey Authority reviews the application technically, while the Real Estate Registry reviews it legally.

- The Egyptian Judiciary is comprised of secular and religious courts, administrative, non-administrative courts, a Supreme Constitutional Court, and penal courts, civil and commercial courts, personal status and family courts, national security courts, labour courts, military courts, as well as other specialized courts or circuits (16).

Family courts:
- Have been instituted under the provisions of  Law No. 10/2004 to provide a one-stop shop for family disputes, facilitate settlement of personal status cases, including property and inheritance cases,   and avoid some of the delays which are endemic in the Egyptian legal system.
These specialized courts, located in New Cairo, on the outskirts of the capital, with other jurisdictions throughout the country being served by summary, juz`i, courts, also provide counselling and other services to families (18).

Extension services and agricultural training:
- Few village-level agricultural extension workers are women − only two percent in 1993 − which explains in part the extremely limited contact women farmers have with agricultural extension services (10).

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