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Otros factores que influyen en los derechos a la tierra diferenciados por género

- Women have to ask for permission to leave the house and are not allowed to participate in the local Water Users Associations, even if they are the principle managers and users of potable water at the domestic level. Violation of the norm of seclusion on the part of women, can lead to physical abuse.(14).

- High levels of illiteracy among women hamper their access to information (14).

- The lack of information concerning the land registration system and the procedures involved negatively affect women’s capacity to claim their rights to land. Moreover, the absence of available and accessible protection and justice aggravates the situation (14).

- Women generally lack the knowledge and the resources to resort to court to have their rights to inheritance enforced. Furthermore, the division of property can take years, if the property in question is under litigation or dispute (14).

- Women are generally unable to provide the collateral required to secure a loan. Additionally, most women do not have the National Identity Card which is necessary to access credit (8).

- Women who receive property from their husbands as part of the marriage contract, face difficulties in gaining access to the official documents providing for the transfer of property from their husbands upon marriage, due to the fact that Union Councils, where the records of the marriage registrar are kept, have no linkage with the Revenue Department, where the land ownership records are kept (14).

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