Base de Datos Género y Derecho a la Tierra


Derechos consagrados en la Constitución

The Constitution, adopted November 1995 (12):

- The Constitution enshrines equal rights and obligations, and fully guarantees the rights of nationals irrespective of gender, as confirmed in Chapter III, Articles 24 to 80 (13).
- In accordance with Article 25, all are equal before the law and the courts (13).
- Article 25 in the “Right to Freedom” section stipulates that:
i. “Men and women have equal rights and freedoms”;
ii. “The State guarantees everyone equal rights and freedoms irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, language, sex, origin, property situation, social status, convictions and membership in political parties, trade unions and other social organizations” (13).
- The right of ownership is recognized on an equal basis for men and women. Article 29, Part III states that, “everyone might possess movable and real property. Right of ownership envisages the right of owner to possess, use and dispose of the property himself/herself or jointly with others” (13).
- According to Article 29, Part V, the State also guarantees succession rights (13).
- Article 34 on the marriage, Part IV, states that, “rights of wife and husband are equal” (13).
- Wage discrimination because of sex are prohibited by Article 35, Part VI: “everyone has the right to get remuneration for his/her work without any discrimination” (13).