Gender and Land Rights Database

Together with the Land Portal and other partner organisations, the GLRD team holds regular online discussions on topics and themes that relate to gender and land tenure in selected countries.

What are online discussions?

Specially designed to cater to a wide range of stakeholders, the debates that unfold in these virtual encounters help generate quality information that contribute to the proper functioning of the database, which would not be possible without the valuable participation of experts and civil society in the online discussions time after time.

What will you find? 

The GLRD team organises regular online discussions to invite experts and members of the civil society to share information, experiences and concerns about women’s tenure security in selected countries. These contributions are essential to the proper functioning of the database as they help update relevant sections and generate quality information for users.

They help collect information from the field and identify key initiatives at country level that promote gender-equitable land tenure. This information is then fed into the relevant sections of the GLRD Country Profiles. 

Recent sessions


Land titling in Peru: What future for women's tenure security?

As the Special Land Titling and Cadastre Project (PETT) embarks on its third and last phase, this case study of land titling in Peru shed some light on a programme that developed a gender-sensitive approach to titling, in an effort to compensate for the lack of gender-sensitivity in the legislation. +MORE


HELD FROM JUNE 3 TO 23, 2013

Madagascar and legal pluralism: Can customary and statutory law be reconciled to promote women’s land rights?

As Madagascar moves into Phase II of its land reform, it provided an interesting case study of how to promote women’s land rights in a context of legal pluralism. The purpose of this discussion was to encourage dialogue and the sharing of information, experiences and concerns about women’s tenure security in Madagascar +MORE