FTT-Thiaroye Ovens: Clearing the air for women fish processors in Côte d'Ivoire, and beyond

A simple and relatively inexpensive technology is revolutionizing the way West Africans smoke their fish. Along the way, it’s also solving problems of food loss, food safety and quality, safeguarding the health of women fish processors and their children, and improving lives and livelihoods across the region’s coastal fishing communities.



Albania’s rural women face an uphill climb

A new FAO report notes that while initial steps have been taken to alleviate the problems of rural women in the country, gender inequalities are still deeply rooted in society and change needs to be accelerated.


Learning to be prepared: food preservation training for disaster-prone communities in Vanuatu

With El Niño following hard on the heels of Tropical Cyclone Pam in March 2015, subsistence farmer Ruta Bule faced a difficult recovery. “Cyclone Pam came and that was bad,” she explained. “The storm spoiled our gardens. But then El Niño came and that was even worse.”



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