Shared labour, shared rewards: men and women farming together in Sri Lanka

“I am confident that this groundnut cultivation will help educate my children and earn a substantial income for my family” says Nelka Kumari Ariyasena.

Lightening the load: addressing rural women’s work burden and time poverty

The division of labour in agriculture often follows traditional patterns. Across a variety of sectors, from smallholder farmers to pastoralists and from forest keepers to fishers, men and women usually have very different—though complementary—roles, with specific tasks assigned to each.

Building leadership: the rural women of FAO-Dimitra

Since 2006, Dimitra Clubs have played a crucial role in strengthening rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on women’s empowerment.

In Bangladesh: three women, three farmers, three tales of success

Across the developing world, rural women play a crucial role in agriculture and farming. And Bangladesh, where women exceed 50 percent of the agricultural labour force, is no exception.

Gender Equality for a Zero-Hunger Generation

An interview with Tacko Ndiaye, Senior Gender Officer in the Gender Equity and Rural Development Division at FAO, on the Zero Hunger Challenge Blog.
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