New fish smoking ovens launched in Asia

The traditional method of fish-smoking in the small fishing community of Unnichchai, in eastern Sri Lanka sees women spending many hours tending to fish laid out on mesh over smoking coals. Health hazards from smoke inhalation are high, while the output from such intensive labour is often low.

Giving women in Guatemala a voice in food security and nutrition

While gender equality in Guatemala has improved in recent years, male hegemony still strongly characterizes the culture, particularly in rural areas.

Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Hinde Abdelouahab

One of a series of interviews with the women scientists aboard the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, the marine research vessel at the heart of the EAF-Nansen programme.

Turning the tide: the story of Joyce's fish farm

Joyce Makaka owns a fish farm in Kakamega County, in western Kenya. Today, her business is thriving, and employs a team of workers. Yet Joyce remembers when things were not as easy, and she had to struggle to keep her fish farm afloat.

Target Zero Hunger Podcast: Spotlight on FAO Dimitra Clubs in Niger

In communities throughout Niger, a quiet revolution is underway.
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