Women scientists aboard the Nansen: Meet Hinde Abdelouahab

One of a series of interviews with the women scientists aboard the R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, the marine research vessel at the heart of the EAF-Nansen programme.

Turning the tide: the story of Joyce's fish farm

Joyce Makaka owns a fish farm in Kakamega County, in western Kenya. Today, her business is thriving, and employs a team of workers. Yet Joyce remembers when things were not as easy, and she had to struggle to keep her fish farm afloat.

Target Zero Hunger Podcast: Spotlight on FAO Dimitra Clubs in Niger

In communities throughout Niger, a quiet revolution is underway.

No assistance is too small: the story of Haja Sundu Marrah, a woman vegetable farmer in Sierra Leone

She was just 17 when her parents forced her to become a housewife. Her husband already had two wives and children, as well as an extended family of relatives, dependents and apprentices.

Rural women in Europe and Central Asia: an interview with FAO's Cristina Amaral

Cristina Amaral, Deputy Regional Representative for FAO in Europe and Central Asia, discusses the importance of women's rights and gender issues in the context of FAO's work in the region.
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CFS Forum on Women's Empowerment in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition

25 September 2017


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