What are "women's crops", and why?

Sabine Guendel
Farming women may grow lower-value subsistence crops not because they prefer to, but because they cannot access the resources that would permit them to do otherwise

Rural employment, gender and poverty

Marzia Fontana, with Cristina Paciello
Poverty often pushes women into off-farm employment, which can make a critical difference in the poverty status of their households. How much a woman benefits depends on how her new income is distributed

Gender impacts of globalizing agriculture

Zoraida García
For small scale farmers, the benefits of agricultural commercialization can carry "significant economic and social costs"

Land rights in Africa: Revisiting customary institutions

In order to support women's struggles for equality, new land legislation in Africa has to include explicit and mandatory mechanisms of inclusion
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CFS Forum on Women's Empowerment in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition

25 September 2017


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