Snapshot Liberia: “Saving my money for the future.”

“I could not write my name. I did not understand how to do my business. I only did the business and was not saving any money.”

Snapshot Liberia: “I now understand my business...”

“As a market woman, I never understood my business. But I now understand my business because I learnt about the importance of saving money.”

Snapshot Liberia: “I am capable of making an informed decision...”

“Before the training, I was unable to manage money. I spent carelessly and did not even recognize that there is a future.”

An experiment in land rehabilitation: the catalytic effect of Dimitra Clubs in Niger

Idrissa and his wife Ramatou live in the village of Tinkirana, in the Tahoua region of Niger. Like most of the men and women of their community and others across sub-Saharan Africa, they struggle with the effects of climate change on a daily basis.

Shared labour, shared rewards: men and women farming together in Sri Lanka

“I am confident that this groundnut cultivation will help educate my children and earn a substantial income for my family” says Nelka Kumari Ariyasena.
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