Science and technology offers great opportunities for rural women’s empowerment

As the 55th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) unfolds in New York, FAO urges world leaders to ensure that rural women are fully included in the design, testing and use of agricultural technologies and innovations.

Decent employment: pathway out of poverty

Access to decent employment is one of the most effective ways for rural people to lift themselves out of poverty. This article presents a number of facts taken from the new UN interagency report: "Gender dimensions of agricultural and rural employment: Differentiated pathways out of poverty".

Investing in rural women contributes to food security

Women in agriculture play a vital role as agents of food security and rural economic growth, but often endure poor working conditions and receive limited recognition for their contributions. The International Day of Rural Women takes place each year on October 15 to honour the multiple roles that rural women play worldwide.

Cooperatives for better livelihoods and food security

Producers’ cooperatives help rural women in farming, fishing and forestry meet the special challenges they face, including gender inequalities.

Supporting Asia-Pacific agriculture with better data

Access to agricultural land emerged as the number-one source of gender inequality in national gender profiles compiled for the first time ever in Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Vietnam.
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