Seedlings of hope: a coffee nursery in rural Uganda

From clothing trader to coffee entrepreneur: Betty Ndugga has found a way to make a good living from agriculture, while also helping her community to prosper.

As a widow, Betty Ndugga is well aware of the vulnerability of female-headed households in rural Uganda. “I wanted to be able to look after my family,” she explains. Betty used to be a clothing trader in Kampala, Uganda. But after her husband died, she returned to her village, where she joined a local Farmer Field School supported by FAO. Through the school, Betty received training in coffee production; she decided to start a nursery for coffee seedlings.

A new video, produced by FAO, tells the story of Betty’s success, not only in terms of the growth of her nursery enterprise, but in terms of the positive knock-on effects for others in her community—and beyond.

Click here to see the video.


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