FAO conference in Vilnius focuses on gender equality

Challenge: How to make sure rural women benefit from economic growth?

CELAC adopts gender approach to ensure the impact of its hunger eradication plan

A fundamental first step is to incorporate the gender approach into the legal frameworks, laws and policies regarding food security in the region.

Women hold the key to building a world free from hunger and poverty

But gender inequality is putting a brake on sustainable development.

Albania’s rural women face an uphill climb

A new FAO report notes that while initial steps have been taken to alleviate the problems of rural women in the country, gender inequalities are still deeply rooted in society and change needs to be accelerated.

Leaving no rural woman behind: ECOWAS and FAO champion the cause of rural women in West Africa

“Rural women should be equal partners in all areas of decision making on food and agriculture,” said Fatimata Dia Sow, ECOWAS Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender, on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women 2016.
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