UN agencies in Rome step up on gender equality to end hunger and poverty

Leaders from the three UN Rome-based agencies today marked International Women's Day by reinforcing their commitments to step up efforts to invest in the capacities of rural women as key agents of change in building a world without hunger.

FAO study on value chains points to opportunities for Albanian women

Starting or participating in an agrifood business could make good sense for women in poor rural areas of Albania. A new study identifies several business ideas and examines value chains and markets with potential for improving women’s incomes.

New book on gender equality and social protection in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Written by economists, sociologists, and gender specialists and practitioners from twelve post-Soviet countries in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia, the publication reviews and analyzes issues that sit at the intersection of gender equality, social protection and rural development.

FAO conference in Vilnius focuses on gender equality

Challenge: How to make sure rural women benefit from economic growth?

CELAC adopts gender approach to ensure the impact of its hunger eradication plan

A fundamental first step is to incorporate the gender approach into the legal frameworks, laws and policies regarding food security in the region.
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