Harnessing the talent of rural youth in Guatemala

In Guatemala, young women and men often hold precarious jobs in the informal rural economy, earning half of the minimum national wage. Increasingly, they try to migrate to urban areas or abroad as a last desperate resort for making a living.

Windows of opportunity: Caisses de Résilience for the women and men of the Sahel

“It is up to us, the women, to find money to feed the family at this time of the year,” explains Sanihan, who lives in the village of Baramadougou, in Mali, with thirteen other members of her family.

Enabling women to benefit more equally from agrifood value chains

On average, women make up about 50 percent of the agricultural labour force in sub-Saharan Africa. However, they are often disadvantaged in their access to productive resources, markets and market information, financial services, technology, training, and more.

Emergency goat distribution targets women and most vulnerable in northeastern Nigeria

Around 900 vulnerable women, including from women headed households, are being assisted through an FAO initiative to improve household nutrition and rebuild livelihoods in vulnerable communities.

Milk money: supporting Lebanon’s women dairy processors

Across rural Lebanon, FAO is helping women dairy producers and processors to improve standards, diversify output and increase income.
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