Emergency goat distribution targets women and most vulnerable in northeastern Nigeria

Around 900 vulnerable women, including from women headed households, are being assisted through an FAO initiative to improve household nutrition and rebuild livelihoods in vulnerable communities.

Milk money: supporting Lebanon’s women dairy processors

Across rural Lebanon, FAO is helping women dairy producers and processors to improve standards, diversify output and increase income.

Empowering South Sudanese refugees and host communities

There are nearly 75 000 South Sudanese refugees registered in the provinces of Ituri and Haut-Uélé in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Oyster mushroom cultivation for Lao farmers

Ms Vieng says she can now call herself a mushroom farmer. Smiling, she holds up one of the bags she learned to prepare during her training on mushroom cultivation, a flush of mushrooms growing from it.

FAO CASH+ programme boosts the livelihoods of women and vulnerable households in Mali

An FAO programme is helping 750 vulnerable households across 36 villages in the Kayes region of Mali. The 18-month programme combines unconditional cash transfers with in-kind livestock inputs such as goats and animal feed.
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