Promoting gender in fisheries activities in Somalia

In Mogadishu, Berbera and elsewhere: how FAO's work with the coastal fishing communities of Somalia is empowering women in multiple ways.

School gardening in Samoa: sowing seeds for youth employment in agriculture

Students from St Mary’s College in Apia, Samoa can finally begin their school garden project.

Helping men and women fisherfolk in the Philippines to build back—and better

The loss of livelihoods resulting from Typhoon Haiyan had far-reaching effects on the overall quality of life of Filipino fishers, particularly for women, who play an important role in the post-harvest processing of fish.

Women fish processors and the ripple effect: how a little knowledge can go a long way

In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Government of Angola embarked on a technical cooperation project to address post-harvest fishery losses in five fishing communities around Lake Ngolome, in Angola’s northwestern province of Kwanza Norte.

FAO supports entrepreneurship amongst rural youth in Honduras

“We have received training in gender, which is very important because we help each other and exchange ideas with our female colleagues in the group. We have been given all the material so that we can perform at business and community level,” explains one of the Group of Young Farmers for the Development of San Juan, Guajiquiro.
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