Cooking up a SAFE solution: fuel-efficient stoves for displaced communities in South Sudan

“These days collecting firewood for cooking is not easy,” said Jersy Yata, in Lainya County, near Juba in the Republic of South Sudan. “Sometimes we will stay for days without food because there is no firewood to cook with.”

Supporting men and women fisherfolk in the Philippines

In Zamboanga City, FAO is working with others to provide livelihood recovery assistance to small-scale fishers and seaweed growers, particularly women and youth affected by armed clashes.

Growing vegetables and growing hope: kitchen gardening in Sindh, Pakistan

For most of her married life, 38-year-old Sardara Ali Khan has been the sole breadwinner of her household.

Pigs, goats, gardens and more: improving nutrition in rural Rwanda

According to statistics, over one-third of Rwandan children are stunted due to chronic malnutrition. In April 2015, FAO Rwanda launched a project to fight malnutrition and stunting in the country's Rutsiro district.

Kitchen gardens for rural women in Pakistan: “Vegetables helped me fight poverty.”

How an FAO project enabled rural women in Pakistan's flood-ravaged provinces of Sindh and Balochistan to start growing their own vegetables for improved food security, nutrition and much more.
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