FAO-Government project to intensify agriculture pays off for female farmers in Niger

Established in 2008, IARBIC is a five-year, EUR 6 million project which aims to intensify agriculture in Niger. According to FAO's most recent hunger statistics, Niger has succeeded in reducing undernourishment threefold in the last two decades.

Haiti’s community gardeners enthusiastic about nutrition

Only one unpaved road connects Haiti’s Grand’Anse province – a finger of land jutting from the country’s southwest corner – to the rest of the country. In spite of its remoteness, the population of Grand’Anse has increased by some 120 000 since the devastating 2010 earthquake, due to an influx of refugees from more badly damaged areas.

Poultry projects enhance lives of Afghan women

The outbuildings that dot thousands of backyards in 22 districts of Afghanistan look like miniature houses. Some have curtains hung over the windows and bright designs painted on the walls. In reality, these little structures are chicken coops that the women of the families built themselves with locally available materials.

Women dairy farmers reinvest income to support their families

Thousands of Afghan farmers, mainly women, inked their thumbs to sign letters calling for the expansion of an FAO dairy project to include their villages and homes. Those letters, written in 2010, testify to the project’s success, achieved in spite of escalating security problems and a lack of proper infrastructure at the project sites.

Community listeners’ clubs empower rural women and men

Give women access to information and the possibility to communicate and they will change the world. That is the premise behind the FAO Dimitra community listeners’ clubs – groups of rural women, but also men and young people, who meet regularly to discuss development issues and challenges, and to find solutions together.
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