Community listeners’ clubs empower rural women and men

Give women access to information and the possibility to communicate and they will change the world. That is the premise behind the FAO Dimitra community listeners’ clubs – groups of rural women, but also men and young people, who meet regularly to discuss development issues and challenges, and to find solutions together.

Developing future leaders today

How Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools are nurturing leaders for today and tomorrow.

Lesotho’s gardens of hope

A project in Lesotho's Mafeteng district shows HIV-affected families how to unlock the potential of keyhole gardens for greater food and nutrition security.

Striking red gold in Muumoni

How a woman in rural Kenya is reaping the benefits of growing tomatoes using innovative irrigation technology.

Forests, a source of life for women in Burkina Faso

FAO and its partners are helping women in Burkina Faso to better understand the nutritional value of forest products and to run effective community-based enterprises in order to boost their incomes and become self-sufficient.
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