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UN agencies step up on gender equality to end hunger and poverty


8 March 2017, Rome – Today is International women’s day for 2017! This year’s theme is Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50:50 by 2030. To mark the occasion, the UN’s Food and agriculture organization is hosting a Women’s Day event on behalf of the UN’s Rome based agencies.


Step It Up Together with Rural Women to End Hunger and Poverty


16 December 2016, Rome – The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization is hosting a high-level event today at its headquarters in Rome, Italy, to address the structural causes and consequences of gender inequality in rural areas.


CFS Side Event: Women, food security, peace & conflict


14 October 2014, Rome - Side Event during the 41st Committee on World Food Security on women, food security, peace and conflict.


High-level panel discussion at FAO for International Women’s Day


7 March 2014, Rome – High-level experts from the UN and partner organizations gathered at FAO headquarters to discuss "Closing the gender gap in agriculture”.


“Women and Nutrition: Ideas for a Sustainable Future”


14 November 2013, Rome – Prominent leading women in the international community met to discuss the importance of nutrition in the diets of women in developing countries and the implications of neglecting this issue.

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