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ECOSOC to reaffirm role of women as agents of development


FAO's Marcela Villarreal talks about the 2010 ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review, which will focus on the theme: "Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to gender equality and empowerment of women".

Photo: © FAO/A. Benedetti

Gender statistics for better agriculture


Diana Tempelman, FAO Senior Officer for Gender and Development, explains how the Agri-Gender Statistics Toolkit has helped to bring out key information on gender and agriculture in Tanzania.

Photo: © FAO/A. Conti

Haiti's hidden rural crisis


Richard Trenchard shares observations on gender-related challenges in Haiti, where he contributed to Emergency Operations as an FAO Assessments Co-ordinator.

Photo: © FAO/G. Napolitano

Voices from the Summit: Civil society


A series of interviews with NGO representatives who took part in the Civil Society Forum that was organized in Rome from 13-17 November 2009.

Photo: © FAO/R. Rorandelli

Giving rural women a voice in decision-making


Marcela Villarreal, Director of FAO's Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division, highlights the need to include a gender perspective in the implementation of development programmes and policies.

Photo: © FAO/G. Napolitano
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