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Late and erratic rains affected long-rains cereal crop production in southern and eastern parts of the country.

World AIDS Day, held every year on the 1st of December, raises awareness and draws solidarity on HIV and AIDS. Gabriel Rugalema, FAO Senior Officer for HIV and AIDS speaks on AIDS and rural people's livelihoods. He is also the co-editor of  “AIDS and Rural Livelihoods", a book that presents recent evidence on the impact of AIDS on rural households and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa. The interview discusses some of the key findings.

1. Gabriel Rugalema, FAO Senior Officer in the Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division. 

3. Kirsten Mathieson, FAO Division of Gender, Equity, and Rural Employment, talks about increasing the resilience of housholds to HIV and AIDS.

Publication date 01/12/2010



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