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Mainstreaming gender into project cycle management in the fisheries sector: A field manual

M. C. Arenas and A. Lentisco (FAO, 2011)

As part of its efforts to promote gender equity to improve fisheries livelihoods, the Regional Fisheries Livelihoods Programme for South and Southeast Asia (RFLP) has developed a field handbook that gives guidance on taking gender into account in all phases of small-scale fisheries development projects. 105 pp.

FAO at work 2010-2011: Women key to food security

(FAO, 2011)

This year’s FAO at work looks at the huge boost to food production that would occur if women farmers were given the same access as men to productive resources such as land and credit. The publication also reviews the evolution of the US$1.5 billion FAO field programme and highlights key events and achievements during the time period. 24 pp.

Community listeners’ clubs: Stepping stones for action in rural areas

(FAO Dimitra, 2011)

This publication summarises the unique experience of the community listeners’ clubs set up in Niger and the Democratic Republic of Congo by FAO-Dimitra and its partners. 58 pp.

Dimitra Newsletter 20

(FAO Dimitra, 2011)

This newsletter contains a special Dossier on Radio & ICTs in Rural Areas that puts together a variety of experiences in this field. You will also find various articles of interest on different topics, including: the capitalisation and knowledge sharing activities conducted by the Promotion of Rural Micro-enterprises Programme (PROMER) in Senegal, and articles from Dimitra partners in Morocco and Burkina Faso on special initiatives in the field of income-generation. 24 pp.

Communicating gender for rural development

(FAO Dimitra, 2010)

This document is designed to promote the introduction of a gender perspective into communication for development initiatives in rural areas. The publication will be useful to all development practitioners, particularly rural communicators and staff of community radio stations. 80 pp.



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