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Qualitative research on women's economic empowerment and social protection: a research guide

(FAO, 2015)

This guide will be used for conducting qualitative research through FAO’s Social Protection and Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment research programme. It describes in detail the sequencing, timing and methodology of the research process, including training, fieldwork preparation and roadmap, key hypotheses, guiding questions and research tools. The guide will also serve as a basis for future FAO research on women’s empowerment and agriculture. 53 pp.

Promoting the Leadership of Women in Producers’ Organizations

(FAO/IFAD, 2015)

This paper explores aspects of promoting rural women’s leadership in producers’ organizations (POs). Women’s leadership, especially in POs, is essential for increasing the production of smallholder agriculture, as women make massive contributions to the sector. 72 pp.

Gender Mainstreaming as a Key Strategy for Building Resilient Livelihoods

(FAO, 2016)

This brief presents gender mainstreaming as a key strategy for increasing the resilience of both men and women’s livelihoods in the face of threats and crises. It explores the gender dimensions of natural and human-induced disasters and demonstrates how FAO contributes to empowering women as agents of resilience building. 2 pp.

Dimitra Newsletter 28

(FAO, 2016)

The newsletter outlines the Dimitra project’s most recent activities and achievements, especially the development and growing impact of the listeners’ clubs. In this issue, we talk about the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 and COP21 on development and climate change, while giving the floor to various development actors on the theme of gender in resilience and climate change. 24 pp.

Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women: A guide to measurement

(FAO, FANTA, FHI 360; 2016)

This publication contributes to promoting high standards for nutrition monitoring at country, regional and global levels both for global initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and for follow-up activities related to the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), whereby countries are making commitments to take action on nutrition and monitor results. 82 pp.




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