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Gender inequalities in rural employment in Ghana: Policy and legislation

(FAO, 2012)

Part II of the country profile of Ghana looks in detail at gender differences and inequalities in rural employment. It aims to improve understanding on the available policy and legislation mechanisms that are relevant for addressing gender and social inequalities in rural labor markets. The profile is divided into two parts, where Part I provides an overview of the national, economic, social and demographic contexts, with a close look at education and the agricultural sector. 24 pp.

Passport to mainstreaming gender in water programmes

(FAO/Gewamed/GWA, 2012)

The International Decade for Action, “Water for Life” (2005-2015) and the UN-Millennium Development Goals both call for women’s and men’s participation and involvement in waterrelated development efforts. This booklet has been developed to help field staff mainstream gender issues in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of water management projects for agricultural production. 64 pp.

Decent rural employment for food security: A case for action

(FAO, 2012)

Promoting decent employment is essential to achieving food security and reducing poverty. This Case for Action argues that improving policy coherence between employment and agricultural initiatives and investing more in the promotion of decent rural employment contribute highly to the interlinked challenges of fighting rural poverty and feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way. 42 pp.

Executive Summary: Good practices in building innovative rural institutions to increase food security

D. Herbel, E. Crowley, N. Ourabah Haddad, M. Lee (FAO/IFAD, 2012)

This document summarizes the main findings of the publication Good practices in building innovative rural institutions to increase food security. The latter documents a vast array of producer organization initiatives, which have enabled small producers to increase their access to markets and productive assets, while reducing transaction costs. 4 pp.

Training guide: Gender and climate change research in agriculture and food security for rural development

(FAO/CCAFS, 2012)

This guide provides users with resources and tools for collecting, analysing and sharing gender-sensitive information about agricultural communities, households and individual household members who are facing climatic changes. 135 pp.





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