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The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010

(FAO, 2010)

SOFI 2010 focuses on people living in a group of countries in protracted crisis, where the incidence of hunger is particularly high and persistent. The ways in which protracted crises affect men and women differently are also brought to light and analyzed. 62 pp.

Farmers in a changing climate - Does gender matter?

Y. Lambrou, S. Nelson (FAO, 2010)

This study documents the challenges faced by men and women farmers to ensure food security in the context of climate variability. It presents findings of research undertaken in two drought-prone districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. 82 pp.

Gender and Nutrition Fact sheet

(FAO, 2010)

Women are in a unique position to reduce malnutrition, but they frequently have limited access to nutrition information and the resources to improve food security. This fact sheet looks at how the social and economic inequalities between men and women often stand in the way of good nutrition. 2 pp.

The Right to Adequate Food: Fact Sheet No. 34

(OHCHR/FAO, 2010)

This Fact Sheet explains what the right to adequate food is. It illustrates the implications for specific individuals and groups, such as women and children; and elaborates upon State parties’ obligations with respect to this basic human right. 57pp.

Addressing HIV and gender inequities through agriculture: Regional response to food insecurity in Eastern and Central Africa

(FAO, 2010)

The regional dimension of the HIV epidemic, of gender inequities and of food insecurity in Eastern and Central Africa calls for the mainstreaming of interventions into regional policies and strategies, in collaboration with national and regional institutions. 4 pp.



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