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Searching for new pathways towards achieving gender equity

C. Okali (FAO, 2011)

This paper focuses on the foundations of gender planning tools and on conceptual issues that are integral to understanding gender issues today. In particular, it advocates that more attention must be given to gender analysis, and the meaning of gender equity and empowerment.

Intra-household bargaining, gender roles in agriculture and how to promote welfare enhancing changes

H. Seebens (FAO, 2011)

This paper finds that gender inequalities are widespread and that it is important to consider women’s multiple roles as mothers, wives, farmers, entrepreneurs and agents in political life. Moreover, it presents experiences with, and empirical evidence of, empowerment and its potential effects. 47 pp.

A review of empirical evidence on gender differences in non-land agricultural inputs, technology, and services in developing countries

A. Peterman, J. Behrman, A. Quisumbing (FAO, 2011)

This paper reviews empirical literature on gender differences in use, access and adoption of non-land agricultural inputs in developing countries. It focuses on four key areas: technological resources, natural resources, human resources, and social and political capital. 56 pp.

Gender differences in assets

(FAO, 2011)

This paper documents the gender gap in access to and ownership of most inputs, assets and services important for agricultural activities. It focuses in particular on education, land, livestock, financial services, modern inputs, information and extension. 35 pp.

Gender dimensions of agricultural and rural employment: Differentiated pathways out of poverty

(FAO/ IFAD/ ILO, 2010)

This publication discusses key issues related to gender equality and rural employment in the context of poverty reduction. It presents various policy responses, empirical data and good practices. 226 pp.





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