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Making migration work for women and men in rural labour markets

(FAO/ IFAD / ILO, 2010)

Migrants, especially women, are often vulnerable to forms of discrimination and social exclusion. A combination of legal, policy and practical measures that address their needs is therefore key to increasing their social status and bargaining power. 4 pp.

Breaking the rural poverty cycle: Getting girls and boys out of work and into school

(FAO/ IFAD/ ILO, 2010)

Millions of girls and boys in rural areas worldwide are child labourers. To end the cycle of poverty for the children involved, policies must address the root causes of child labour and promote decent work for adults in rural areas. 4 pp.

UN Joint Programmes: Integrating gender issues in food security, agriculture and rural development

(FAO, 2010)

These guidelines provide practical guidance to support programme and operations staff to integrate gender equality concerns into Joint Programmes (JP) for food security, agriculture and rural development. 50 pp.

Country Programming Framework: Integrating gender issues

(FAO, 2010)

These guidelines provide practical guidance to support FAO representatives and officers from headquarters and decentralized offices in integrating gender equality concerns into the Country Programming Framework (CPF). 32 pp.

Quick reference for addressing decent rural employment

(FAO/ILO, 2010)

This handout is a quick reference tool for addressing rural employment and decent work issues. It outlines why rural employment and decent work is so important for rural development, for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and for contributing to FAO’s own work. 2 pp.



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