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Gender and agricultural value chains

C. Coles, J. Mitchell (FAO, 2011)

This paper analyses how some factors, such as access to assets, gendered education differentials and the nature and value of economic activities affect the way in which men and women participate in agricultural markets. 32 pp.

Rural women’s access to financial services: Credit, savings and insurance

D. Fletschner, L. Kenney (FAO, 2011)

This paper reviews rural women’s access to financial services, a key factor of successful rural development strategies. Designing appropriate financial products that allow women to save, borrow and insure is essential to increasing their economic opportunities, as well as their role as producers. 30 pp.

Mainstreaming gender sensitivity in cash crop market supply chains

R. V. Hill, M. Vigneri (FAO, 2011)

This paper assesses the nature of female involvement in cash crop production, which holds significant potential as a means by which rural households can improve their welfare. Through original data analysis, it stresses that women are equally productive as men when they farm with the same resources. 37 pp.

Searching for new pathways towards achieving gender equity

C. Okali (FAO, 2011)

This paper focuses on the foundations of gender planning tools and on conceptual issues that are integral to understanding gender issues today. In particular, it advocates that more attention must be given to gender analysis, and the meaning of gender equity and empowerment.

Intra-household bargaining, gender roles in agriculture and how to promote welfare enhancing changes

H. Seebens (FAO, 2011)

This paper finds that gender inequalities are widespread and that it is important to consider women’s multiple roles as mothers, wives, farmers, entrepreneurs and agents in political life. Moreover, it presents experiences with, and empirical evidence of, empowerment and its potential effects. 47 pp.





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