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CD-Rom on Participatory Approaches, Methods and Tools

(FAO, 2010)

A collection of 635 FAO publications on Participation in development and a database featuring 360 participatory approaches, methods and tools developed by FAO and other organizations. It includes three language versions: English, French and Spanish.

Promoting Employment and Entrepreneurship for Vulnerable Youths in West Bank and Gaza Strip

(FAO, 2010)

This case study gives an overview of activities to improve youths’ skills in carrying out income generating activities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 26 pp.

Gender and Land Rights: Understanding Complexities; Adjusting Policies

(FAO, 2010)

A Policy Brief that illustrates some of the issues preventing women from accessing land and offers guidelines for designing better policies that address this situation effectively. 2 pp.

Bridging the gap: FAO's programme for gender equality in agriculture and rural development

(FAO, 2009)

This publication illustrates how FAO's new strategic objective to achieve gender equity in access to resources, goods, services and decision-making in rural areas will be mainstreamed into all of its programmes. 36 pp.

Gender equity in agriculture and rural development

(FAO, 2009)

Mainstreaming gender equity has become a strategic objective of FAO. This quick guide outlines the gender dimensions of each strategic objective, and FAO action to achieve gender equity in agriculture and rural development. 12pp.



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