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Women's empowerment in aquaculture: Two case studies from Bangladesh

(FAO, 2017)

This study explores women’s empowerment in relation to aquaculture in Bangladesh, including associated enabling and constraining factors, positive outcomes and limitations. 128 pp.

The Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD): Information Note / Overview

(FAO, 2017)

The FAO Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD) was launched in 2010 to highlight the major political, legal and cultural factors that influence the realisation of women’s land rights throughout the world. This note provides an overview of its aims and key features. 2 pp.

Rice–rice and rice–shrimp production: A gender perspective on labour, time use and access to technologies and services in southern Viet Nam

(FAO, 2017)

This study focuses on smallholder farms in Soc Trang, southern Viet Nam, and aims to highlight and compare women and men’s contributions to two integrated, rice-based farming systems and explore how gender norms affect labour and access to productive inputs, technologies and services. 65 pp.

Gender, rural livelihoods and forestry: Assessment of gender issues in Kosovo's forestry

(FAO, 2017)

The main purposes of this research are to identify and analyse the role of women and men in the forestry sector in Kosovo, and women’s and men’s ownership and use of forests. The report also aims to analyse the gender issues within the institutional policy and legal framework that governs forest management, in order to provide recommendations on how to mainstream gender in forest policies in Kosovo more effectively. 80 pp.




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