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How to integrate gender issues in climate-smart agriculture projects (Training Module)

(FAO, 2017)

This training module explains gender roles in CSA and their critical impact on project outcomes and sustainability, providing instruction on different methods and tools to identify, formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate gender-responsive actions and practices in CSA development projects. 72 pp.

Improving Gender Equality in Territorial Issues (IGETI): Territory as an entry to gender equality

(FAO, 2017)

The IGETI approach and guidelines were developed to better address gender inequalities in territorial development. The flyer introduces the concept of territory, explains the relevance of addressing gender equality and presents the IGETI approach and four phases to improve gender equality in territorial issues. 2 pp.

Gender, Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises: Women and girls as agents of resilience

(FAO, 2017)

This guidance note explores gender equality and women’s empowerment as a crucial aspect of FAO's work on food security and nutrition in protracted crises, and discusses practical measures in this regard, such as livelihood support for women and girls, reducing women’s workloads, ensuring protection from gender-based violence and equitable access to resources and services, and, more broadly, transforming gender relations. 28 pp.

Research on rural women’s economic empowerment and social protection (Quantitative report on Rwanda Vision 2020 Umurenge Public Works)

(FAO, 2017)

This research focuses on the public works component of Rwanda’s government programme for poverty reduction and social protection. The research was based on a mixed method approach comprised of in-depth qualitative methods and quantitative surveys conducted in Rwanda in 2014. 58 pages




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