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Report of the FAO/OXFAM workshop on women's land rights in Southern and Eastern Africa

(FAO, 2003)

This official report summarizes the papers, presentations and discussions from the workshop above. 48 pp.

Gender-disaggregated data for agriculture and rural development

(FAO, 2003)

A package of facilitation materials to help integrate a gender perspective in the design, collection, tabulation and analysis of agricultural information. 196 pp.

Gender and sustainable development in drylands: An analysis of field experiences

(FAO, 2003)

This document looks at the relationship between gender and dryland management, based on an analysis of relevant field experiences in Africa and Asia. It highlights the important contribution women and men make to food security, land conservation and the conservation of biodiversity. 34 pp.

Policy framework for mainstreaming gender in agriculture and rural development in the Near East region

(FAO, 2003)

An overview of actions taken by FAO to mainstream a gender-equality perspective in rural development programmes in the Near East countries. Suggestions are made on how to strengthen efforts. 6 pp.

Incorporating gender into a male domain: A strategy for foresters?

J. D. Gurung and K. Lama (2003)

The experience of one project in Nepal demonstrates a successful strategy for creating the conditions under which rural women can demand respect and inclusion at various levels, inside and outside the forest department. Key elements of this approach are provided here.




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