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Male involvement in reproductive health: Incorporating gender throughout the life cycle

(FAO, 1998)

This paper looks into the socio-cultural aspects that shape male perspectives, based on the socially-embedded gender relations in the different stages of the life cycle. It makes use of this knowledge to suggest ways to increase men's involvement in reproductive health issues and to improve services.

The household livelihood security concept

T.R. Frankenberger and M.K. McCaston (FAO/CARE, 1998)

This paper examines the household livelihood security concept: a tool for understanding poverty, malnutrition and the complex strategies adopted by food insecure households for survival.

Village chicken production systems in rural Africa: Household food security and gender issues

A.J. Kitalyi (FAO, 1998)

This publication presents the results of a field study on village poultry production. It demonstrates that, when enhanced, it can have a special impact in increasing household food security and gender equity. 81 pp.

Gender and Aquaculture in Lao PDR

Ú. Murray and K. Sayasane (FAO, 1998)

A socio-economic and gender analysis study of Lao aquaculture, which identifies a range of practical conclusions and recommendations for more gender sensitive aquaculture development.

Empowering the rural disabled in Asia and the Pacific: Disabled women in rural areas of the region

F. Wahab (FAO, 1997)

Disabled women comprise one of the most neglected segment of the population in Asia and the Pacific. This paper aims to review some existing data on the disabled to help design effective programmes for educating, training and employing the disabled.



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