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Gender and Aquaculture in Lao PDR

Ú. Murray and K. Sayasane (FAO, 1998)

A socio-economic and gender analysis study of Lao aquaculture, which identifies a range of practical conclusions and recommendations for more gender sensitive aquaculture development.

Empowering the rural disabled in Asia and the Pacific: Disabled women in rural areas of the region

F. Wahab (FAO, 1997)

Disabled women comprise one of the most neglected segment of the population in Asia and the Pacific. This paper aims to review some existing data on the disabled to help design effective programmes for educating, training and employing the disabled.

Gender and participation in agricultural development planning

(FAO, 1997)

A review of ten case studies written about FAO field projects that tested methods and tools for gender-sensitive participatory agricultural policy-making and planning.

Workshop on gender roles and issues in artisanal fisheries in West Africa

B.W. Horemans and A.M Jallow (FAO, 1997)

A collection of documents presented at the above workshop. They are summaries of indvidual reports, which cover issues such as women's income generating activities and sanitation conditions of women and children in fishing communities. 47 pp.

Cross-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS: Impacts of HIV/AIDS on food security and rural livelihoods

(FAO, 1996)

This brochure presents some key findings from HIV/AIDS impacts surveys in rural areas in Namibia, Uganda and Zambia. 8 pp.



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