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Children's property and inheritance rights, HIV and AIDS, and social protection in Southern and Eastern Africa

(Laurel L Rose, Ph.D., 2007)

This report focuses on the social protection aspects of children’s property and inheritance rights in southern and eastern Africa, and considers the factors that render children’s property rights more vulnerable than adults’ property rights. 43 pp.

People-centred climate change adaptation: Integrating gender issues

(FAO, 2007)

This brief explains the links between gender issues and climate change. It also recommends ways to integrate gender into climate change adaptation policies and activities. 2pp.

Gender policies for responsible fisheries: Policies to support gender equity and livelihoods in small-scale fisheries

(FAO, 2007)

This policy brief encourages policy-makers to address gender issues in fisheries and to improve the delivery of gender policies in small-scale and industrial fisheries and aquaculture. 12 pp.


Changing customary land rights and gender relations in the context of HIV/AIDS in Africa

M. Villarreal (2007)

This paper explores the gendered relationships between adult death due to HIV/AIDS and changes in land rights for the survivors, particularly widows. 22 pp.




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