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Time for action: Changing the gender situation in forestry

(FAO, 2006)

This study looks to assess the situation pertaining to gender structures of employment and work in forestry organizations. It also aims to identify the key drivers for change and the means for driving the gender “agenda” forward; and to confirm the positive benefits organizations could gain by applying new measures. 196 pp.

Planning livestock interventions with a gender and HIV/AIDS lens

(FAO, 2006)

HIV/AIDS is having a profound impact on agriculture in many countries, including on the livestock sector. It is important to understand the gendered dimensions of different livestock production systems to identify and plan appropriate interventions that can reduce women and men’s livelihood vulnerability. 4 pp.

The land and property rights of women and orphans in the context of HIV and AIDS: Case studies from Zimbabwe

K. Izumi (FAO/GCWA, 2006)

This research critically examines Zimbabwe’s land and agriculture policies, and the utilization and efficacy of legal redress. It suggests and develops policy responses to cushion the impact of HIV and AIDS on local communities, especially dispossessed women. 89 pp.

Report of the National Conference: Women’s property rights and livelihoods in the context of HIV and AIDS

K. Izumi (FAO, 2006)

This report is based on the proceedings of the National Conference on Women’s Property Rights and Livelihoods in the Context of HIV and AIDS that was was convened in Lusaka, Zambia, in January 2006. 52 pp.


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