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Report of the National Conference: Women’s property rights and livelihoods in the context of HIV and AIDS

K. Izumi (FAO, 2006)

This report is based on the proceedings of the National Conference on Women’s Property Rights and Livelihoods in the Context of HIV and AIDS that was was convened in Lusaka, Zambia, in January 2006. 52 pp.

Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools: Giving vulnerable children a fighting chance

(FAO/WFP, 2006)

A brief introduction to Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools, launched by FAO in collaboration with the World Food Programme to counter the impact of HIV and AIDS on children's livelihoods. The main objective of the JFFLS is to empower vulnerable children to direct their own futures and improve their long-term food security.  

Reclaiming our lives: HIV and AIDS, women’s land and property rights, and livelihoods in southern and East Africa

K. Izumi (FAO/GCWA, 2006)

A collection of narratives from southern and East Africa that aim to raise awareness about the heavy impact of HIV and AIDS on women’s property rights and livelihoods in the region. It also looks at the steps being taken by many grassroots organisations in response to the crisis. 129 pp.

Linking livelihoods and gender analysis for achieving gender transformative change

C. Okali (FAO, 2006)

This paper is one of a series, which addresses livelihood issues in access to natural resources. It draws attention to the challenge of addressing gender issues within natural resource-based development programmes using a livelihoods perspective. 50 pp.




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