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Population and gender in rural societies from the perspective of FAO's Population Programme

(FAO, 2000)

The purpose of this publication is to clarify how a population and gender perspective may contribute to a better understanding of rural development and food security, and how this perspective is being integrated by FAO's Population Programme Service.

Culture, agriculture and rural development: A view from FAO's Population Programme Service

M. Villarreal (FAO, 2000)

This publication outlines FAO's approach to cultural issues and describes one of the instruments it uses to understand cultural factors and their complex relation with agriculture and development: socio-cultural research.

Gender and food Security: The role of information

(FAO, 2000)

This document outlines FAO's strategy to support the production and dissemination of gender-specific information and data for the formulation of gender-responsive agricultural and rural development policies. 

Dimitra Newsletter 4

(FAO Dimitra, 2000)

This newsletter presents some of the many projects carried out by Dimitra partners in Southern Africa. The projects, which focus on women's rights to land, illustrate the efforts made by NGOs to inform rural women on their legal, econonomic and political rights. 12 pp.



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