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Participatory forestry

(FAO, 2013)

This information sheet provides an overview of an FAO project that aims to improve the lives of people in rural communities in Afghanistan, through the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other natural resources. It creates livelihood opportunities, including for women. When men and women work together to plan and manage the forest, the entire community thrives. 2 pp.

Watershed management

(FAO, 2013)

This information sheet covers FAO’s efforts to promote a community-based development approach, inclusive of women, to help restore the livelihoods of earthquake-affected men and women in Pakistan. Involving communities in watershed management is essential because communities are affected by what happens in a watershed, and their actions influence the downstream availability and quality of water. 2 pp.

The role of women producer organizations in agricultural value chains, Practical Lessons from Africa and India


This report offers a comparison of different models of women producer organizations in India and Africa. It presents lessons from good practices in institutional development within producer organizations, including women-based organizations. The report looks at how different women producer organizations support poor small-scale women farmers and workers to better market their products, improve their position in the agricultural value chains and influence policy. 68 pp.

The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access, labour and income-generating opportunities in Northern Ghana

(FAO, 2013)

This report examines how agricultural investments in Ghana affect economic opportunities for women, as compared to men. It draws on a case study of the Integrated Tamale Food Company and provides recommendations for investors and policy makers.  60 pp.

The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities - A case study of selected agricultural investments in Lao PDR

(FAO, 2013)

This report examines how agricultural investments in Lao People’s Democratic Republic affect rural employment opportunities for women and men as well as their access to land. It also provides policy recommendations on key issues. 74 pp.



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