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Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS into FAO programmes: Process, achievements, challenges

(FAO, 2006)

This report outlines how FAO has mainstreamed HIV/AIDS issues into its activities and what strategic role it plays in the fight against the epidemic. 22 pp.

Addressing HIV/AIDS through agriculture and natural resource sectors: A guide to extension workers

(FAO, 2006)

The agriculture and natural resource sectors present a unique opportunity to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in predominantly rural economies. The purpose of the guide is to enable extension workers to address the rural epidemic through agriculture and natural resource sector initiatives. 83 pp.

Rural women in Sri Lanka's post-conflict rural economy

L. Wanasundera (FAO, 2006)

An assessment of rural women's situation in areas of Sri Lanka that are emerging from armed conflict. The publication recommends gender mainstreaming initiatives and advocates women’s increased  participation in local government through rural development societies. 43 pp.

Rural women, dynamisation of networks and the fight against HIV/AIDS in rural areas

(FAO Dimitra, 2006)

This report presents the activities and results of a workshop organized by FAO's Dimitra project, an information and communication project with the aim of empowering rural populations by facilitating access to information. 145 pp.




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